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"Waarom gaan zij niet in oktober?"

Translation:Why do they not go in October?

November 20, 2014



That is really awkward English. How about "Why don't they go in October?"


How else would you say it when using "do" and "not" instead of "don't"?


It thought it was "doesn't she" instead of "don't they". What makes this plural?


So as far as I understand it:

Waarom gaat zij niet in oktober? Why doesn't she go in October?

Waarom gaan zij niet in oktober? Why don't they go in October?


It cannot be "she" because "gaan" stands for plural.


why do not they go in October?...is wrong but should be ok


"Why don't they go" is the commonly used contracted form of "why do they not go" as a native english speaker i can tell you we don't say "why do not they go" I am not clear of the grammar rule, but I know it isn't done


Ok, I understand "don't" is the commonly used form. But do that make "do not" form wrong? I really don't think so and this could be considered as an alternative.


Thanks for the explanation. I assume you are a native English speaker, right?


It is actually done. "'Why don't they go" is normal, and therefore unstressed. "Why do they not go" is not normal usage, and therefore stresses the question. It carries the implication that they are intentionally choosing not to go. Native Midwestern American English speaker here.


Can't this also be, "Why ARE they not going in October"?


whats the different prounce of ze and zij???


I put why are they not going in October also. Don't understand why this isn't correct

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