"The girl drinks water."

Translation:Flickan dricker vatten.

November 20, 2014



Flickan dricker flicka!?

November 20, 2014


That is kind of absurd :)

January 17, 2015


My answer is en kvinnor dricker water which should mean a lady drink water but its false too? What is difference between lady and a girl in english? In indonesia its same meaning. Fyi I still learn english because I am indonesian who never speak with native speaker. So this doubel the difficulties to learn swedish with my bad english.

May 30, 2015


The distinction betwoon a girl and a woman is that a girl is a younger female. When the female is adult you call her a woman. A lady has some formality and corteous about it.

And then you still made another mistake by saying 'en kvinnor' what 'a woman' means when 'the girl' was asked.

But hey, keep up the good work m8

June 9, 2015


kvinnor is more than one woman. Kvinna is just one woman. that is the difference.

July 29, 2017


There's no vatten in the option on my case...

August 4, 2018
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