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  5. "I dag har jeg to prøver."

"I dag har jeg to prøver."

Translation:Today I have two tests.

November 20, 2014



What´s wrong with "today i have two exams" ?

[deactivated user]

    Nothing, it's just not US EN.


    Why doesn't exams instead of tests work?


    It would be better if "exams" would be also considered correct


    Today I have two tries. (attempts) What would i say for that?


    this was three years ago but probably forsøger


    Why is it "I dag har jeg to prøver"and not "I dag jeg har to prøver"?


    In Danish (and in German too) the verb often comes as the second element in the sentence. The first element is the one on which you want to put the focus (it can be the subject, but also a complement, leading to a complement - verb - subject sentence).

    Here, the focus of the phrase is on "i dag" (today). Even though it's made of two words, it counts for one lexical entity. Then comes the verb in the second position, and the subject afterwards.


    I kinda get it. I think. It'll take some time getting more used to danish before I understand things like this haha. I appreciate the answer though!


    Why is the V pronounced here but not in LAVER orKNIVEN and most other words with the letter V?


    I believe, the "v" is pronounced exactly the same in "prøver", "laver" and "kniven", namely as a [w] sound.


    They should accept "rehearsal", it is used commonly in the performing arts.

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