"Where is my pink suitcase?"

Translation:Var är min rosa resväska?

November 20, 2014

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resväska = travel bag, essentially?


thank you, that will make it much easier to remember for me


Thanks. I feel like learning how word words are constructed often make then easier to remember.


I have frequently heard the term kappsäck used. Does that mean something else? Is it an out of date term? Is it bc my family is finnish swedish?


Yes, it sounds out of date to me as a Sweden Swedish speaker, but it sounds like something I'd expect to hear in Finland.


I put kappsäck because that is the word that is taught in the Memrise course. The weird thing is I can't find it in on Wiktionary.


I'm sure most of that course is good, but this is the sixth or seventh time people ask about words they found in that course that are uncommon at best in actual modern Swedish. I'm starting to believe that course was not made with the involvement of native speakers.


That's very possible. Another word I learned there is huvudkudde. Is that also a word that is rarely used?


It's hardly common, but at least it does exist in modern Swedish. Most people would just say kudde, though. I'd suggest using the shorter word instead.


Some Swedish dialects do use it.


I couldn't remember resvaska, and the correct answer was given as kappsäck.


Can this term be used for a soft sided travel bag, one we'ed call a travel bag, not a suitcase?


Not really, we usually call that en väska or en bag, but a travel bag is an accepted answer for resväska anyway since there's some overlap.

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