"Restaurangen har flera kockar."

Translation:The restaurant has several cooks.

November 20, 2014

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för många kockar


I'm glad someone already did this. Thanks for making my day brother.


Are there separate words for cook and chef? And do they carry different meanings? In American English, a chef is usually considered more capable than a cook.


I don't know about Swedish, but in English, "chef" indicates a qualification, rather than a capability.


I am a bit confused how is the "h" ponounced in the words "har" and "hund/hundar". Is it the same "h" sound as in English?


As far as i can tell it sounds the exact same as in English. However i'm still on level 8 in Swedish so i can't guarantee that it is right.


translation has to be "more cooks". several translates to många, and more - the comparativ- to fler(a)

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I think you're mixing up "fler" (more) and "flera" (several). Many Swedes mix these up as well, but we try to keep them apart in the course.


I said, "The restaurant has many cooks". Is this also correct?


I might be incorrect but flera is more like saying several or more than one, whereas många is the word for many. "The restaurant has many cooks" would be more appropriately translated from "Restaurangen har många kockar."


That is what I said, too, but it wasn't accepted. I wonder why.


I so wish that people in these questions would start eating at diners or shops instead of res.......angen .! Eat some place with a short name please.


Multiple should be correct too.


why it's not accepted many instead od several????


I am new to Swedish so I could be wrong.

I think it is because flera is the word for several, but många is the word for many. Several (flera) is a small amount of cooks, but many (många) is a large amount of cooks. The words several (flera) and many (många) signify different amounts, so they are not completely interchangeable.

For example, "Jag har flera Marabou dubbel nougat" is "I have several Marabou dubbel nougat". which is good, but I wouldn't share any of them because I only have several and I love eating Marabou dubbel nougat.

"Jag har många Marabou dubbel nougat" is "I have many Marabou dubbel nougat" which makes me extremely happy and fat. I might even share one if I have many of them.


Don't eat too many or you won't be able to eat you dinner.


Den är min middag hahaha :)


Should, "The restaurant has some cooks." be an acceptable translation? Or would that be the translation for, "Restaurangen har några kockar."?

I am having difficulty understanding the differences between flera, några, and somliga, and the context which is most appropriate to use each word. I assume they are not completely interchangeable. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Tack så mycket!


Ok my English is worse than Swedish I guess

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