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  5. "Vi åker."

"Vi åker."

Translation:We go.

November 20, 2014



does aker and ga have the exact same meaning? (sorry I dont have the swedish keyboard)


No. Åker is to ride a vehicle but not driving or propelling it, such as travelling by train, plane or car as a passenger.

Gå is a bit more tricky. In essence, it means to walk. There are, though, a handful of phrasal verbs that use and don't mean walking. Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that in Swedish, is not used for general movement to the extent that is the case in English. If you say Vi går till Sverige, you mean that you actually walked there.


I thought it was like english at first, now it's all clear, thank you!


But wouldn't åker in this case mean we travel instead we go?


If it were travel, it would probably be reser.


Thanks, got it. I was thinking about english to go as to walk.


in that case, which word i should use if i am going somewhere by vehicle and i am the one who is driving it? if its not gar nor it is aker, then what?


That verb is kör, which means 'drive', but it is possible to say åker even if you're the driver, it's just that the word itself does not say you're driving. Just like you can say in English that you're going somewhere by car, when you're in fact driving the car.

In fact, in English they tend to use drive a little more often than we would kör, so in some cases it would be appropriate to translate drive as åker.


So would you say åker is the equivalent of the word 'fahren' in German?


Only in some cases, not as a general rule. fahren can mean 'drive', but åker cannot. Kannst du Auto fahren? -> Kan du köra bil? -> Can you drive a car?


Which verb do you use for riding a bike?


tack sa mycket! that clarifies pretty much everything now :)


Can åker be used to construct a form of the future tense, as in english, like "We are going to jump," or is there only one way to construct the future (using ska I think)?


Future is usually constructed with ska or kommer, but not at all with .


I tried "We leave" but that was wrong? Why?


That should be accepted, I'm adding it. åker means both 'ride' (travel by any vehicle) and 'leave' (using any vehicle, not on foot).


I wrote 'we walk' and Duolingo says that it's wrong, and that correct translation is 'we drive'. For me it sounds straight opposite to 'åker is to ride but not to drive'.


åker is only by vehicle, so 'walk' definitely doesn't work. Riding isn't walking in English either.
'walk' is går in Swedish.


A richer explanation of words and meanings would make this app amazing


So what would I say if I wanted to say "where are you going"? Would going be Åker?


Is gå used in the same situations as the german gehen and åker as fahren? Would that be correct?


disclaimer: I am also learning. From what I read above, I think roughly, yes. There may be some edge-cases where it differs, but I think people would get what you want to say.


Not directly related to the sentence BUT is there a Swedish equivalent to something like 'I'm going to bed' or going to sleep. As neither of the verbs here work.

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