I just read Duolingo's Wikipedia page. Nicely written- good info!

Regarding the language learning services of Duolingo, can students donate to the cause and, if so, is there a way to do this online?


July 4, 2013


Thanks for asking :) We don't take donations. The best thing you can do to help is continue using the site, letting us know what's working and what's not, and telling your friends about it :) We won't stop until there's nobody paying for language learning software.

The business model is elegantly brilliant.

If you translate, they earn money. The best way to support them is to translate as many articles as you can

Luis, do you actually make money doing translations or are you supported by grants?

I'm not aware of them receiving any grants. They have had ~$18 million invested in them by venture capitalists on the expectation that the translation service will make money.

Thanks OskaLingo. I was somewhat disenheartened when I saw that NEA had provided the angelisme thinking that NEA meant the US labor union-like entity called the National Education Association, a group which has absolutely destroyed public education in America. But upon researching it I found that this good NEA is New Enterprise Associates, an actual venture capital group. Good for them.

Interesting article - thanks!!

I just hope we never ever see a single advertisement on this site.

amen! I have mentioned this site to a number of people. But it seems all the people I know are not interested in learning a new language..sad face I got no friends....

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