"Äpplena är flickornas."

Translation:The apples are the girls'.

November 20, 2014

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the translation doesn't sound like proper english


Looks like proper English to me, and I'm a native speaker. It sounds a bit awkward because "the girls'" is in genitive case and plural, and proceeded by a definite article which is rare for English


Wouldn't be correct and maybe better "The apples are the girls' ones" ? Thanks ...


Hi! I apologize that this reply is a few months late, but another native speaker (from America) here! "The apples are the girls'" is correct, but, where I am from, the word "girls'" is usually pronounced differently than "girl's." Often, it is pronounced in two defined syllables, like "Girls-is." It's not a perfect pronunciation, but other English speakers will definitely understand what you mean.

"The apples are the girls' ones" sounds a little funky, to me at least. If you're not confident with the word "girls'", perhaps phrase it as, "These apples belong to the girls." Means exactly the same thing :)

I hope that helps!


The translation sounds perfectly ok to me eg "The oranges are the boys' and the apples are the girls'". After all, it's just the plural form of "the apple is the girl's". One could also say "are for the boys" and "for the girls". Also, being from Birmingham, England myself, I can also agree with the comment from America that in some regions colloquially you might hear some people pronounce " girls' " as "girlses", especially if it comes as the last word in the sentence. I've definitely heard that myself, though I wouldn't call it 'standard' English.


It is proper English, but is very awkward and you would probably never say or write it that way. Since the point of the sentence is to indicate possession, a less awkward way to say the same thing would be "the apples belong to the girls"


People say this kind of thing all the time - informally, sure. And I'd argue that belong changes the meaning subtly, since it implies existing ownership. If you've put an apple aside for someone for when they show up, you wouldn't say it belongs to them - but you would say it's theirs


a solution to that would be to simple say 'these are the girls' apples' but to Duo that sure is and was too far away from the original...I assume, but to mee it would be the most natural one and I bet the one with highest hit rate everywhere. just mina deut Pfennige...


I would rather say that 'The girls apples


It doesn't sound like proper English. I'd use belong to the girls. However shouldn't it be "girls'" instead of "girls" in this case?


And it's like that, as we can say, the proper translation is: The apples are the girls'


Well, I would have translated it with "belongs to" rather then "is". But thats an in insight from my dialect (Austrian)


Shouldn't there an apostrophe?


No apostrophe on the mobile version where you select words from a predefined list


Oh, that explains it. Nothing us course contributors can do though.


Can't you contact the developers and file a bug report? Or, if they allow users to file bug reports I'd be glad to do it myself.


We have filed a bug report, but there's nothing else we can do.


The girls' apples should be an acceptable translation


I agree The girl's apples is what I would use


I wrote 'The apples are from the girls' doesn't this mean the same?


No, that would be äpplena är från flickorna. (meaing the girls gave us the apples, but the apples are the girls' means the apples belong to the girls).


I think 'the girls' apples' is also correct


I am not native english speaker and this phrase sounds weird to me. can anybody traslate it to spanish? please


Las manzanas son de las niñas.

El problema está en que "the girls" está en genitivo plural:

the girl's/de la niña

the girls'/de las niñas


Why is it not "Äpplen är flickornas"?


Äpplen = apples Äpplena = the apples


This is not correct English, my first answer was correct: the girls'apples


That's not synonymous with the default translation, though.


I'm having trouble hearing the "ar" in the recording without slowing it down. It's almost as if it isn't being said in the faster option. Is there a way to tell if the "ar" is being said or not? Thanks.


If you pop it into the actual Google Translate websit/app and use the TTS there you can hear the är. For some reason the TTS really speeds up and garbles the speech on Duolingo...


If there aren't appostrophes here, are they used at all in Swedish


This makes much more sense in Spanish.

Las manzanas son sullas *Las manzanas son de ella


The dot is a typo?...


Yes. Flags it up every time. Super annoying.


I Said "the girl's apples" Which would be the normal english translation, for presumably the normal Swedish would be "Applena är flickornas," different construction i know but We would NEVER say duo's translation.


"flickorna" is plural, so you should have put the apostrophe after the s (the girls')


You are right of course. I seem to be learning more About My native language then swedish.


this is incorrect - it should be GIRLS'


Doesn't make any sense


It says i have a typo in my answer because I didn't use a full stop?


The apples are of the girls


Not proper English when ypu transate this sentence!


What the ❤❤❤❤??


Translarion has a problem


It doesn't have a problem, it's just worded very weirdly when trying to compare it to English. "The Apples are the girls'" makes sense and is technically correct.


Shouldn't it be "The apples are the girls's?"


Every time I type s' , the Kindle 'corrects' it to 's. As if it knows better. (Very frustrating!) :)


It may be grammatically correct, but awkward, and I wouldn't say it like that. I am also a native English speaker. This sentence makes it sound as though the girls are apples. I would say "the apples belong to the girls".


Did Duolingo mean "the girls are apples"?


the translation doesn't sound right


I suppose the way we usually say this in English is "The apples are the girls' apples."


More importantly, does it sound awks in Swedish?


boooo. The girls' apples should be accepted. Seems 7 years on and they didn't bother to update that answer. shame!!

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