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Search any form of a word in Vocabulary

Thanks for the search feature -it's really helpful.

It seems that i currently have to know what i'm conjugating when searching in the Vocabulary. My latest example of this was the word 'fanno' in italian. If I search for it i get zero hits. Seeing as I'm the dimwit who didn't remember where fanno came from came from initially this doesn't help me all the way.

July 4, 2013

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Hi DandyAndy. The search actually does work for any form of a word. The actual issue is that "fanno" is actually not in your vocabulary anymore because it was removed from the Italian tree recently. You can look up "fare" in your vocab and see the current available forms ("fanno" no longer has sentences associated with it). We understand this is not ideal and we know the vocab page needs a major overhaul soon:)

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