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  5. "Maybe I am wearing a skirt."

"Maybe I am wearing a skirt."

Translation:Misschien draag ik een rok.

November 20, 2014



How do you know where in the sentence the 'subject' sits?


In simple declarative sentences, the main verb is always the second element. The subject is either first or third:

subject verb other_phrases

phrase verb subject other_phrases

In questions, if there is a question word, the verb is second and the subject is third. If there is none, the verb is first and the subject is second.

question_word verb subject other_clauses

verb subject other_clauses

It gets more complicated with subordinate clauses and modal verbs, but that's the basics of it.


Not sure I get this. I can say "Ik drink water", but if I say "Maybe I drink water" does it turn into "Misschien drink Ik water?


Yes, because your statement started with something other than the subject (misschien), so there's subject-verb inversion.


Why not "Misschien, Ik draag een rok"?


Have a read through vytah's post. In Dutch the position of the verb generally comes after the first element.

Also have a read through this: http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.00


just like in German!! I love Nederlands so much

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