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Can a course expand after completion?

Apologies if this is covered already somewhere, but I was curious what comes after completing a course.

Is it possible for a course to expand? And if that's the case, does that mean people who have completed it can come back and "complete" it again?

Related: it seems people who have completed the current Swedish course are at level "11", but many people have levels significantly above 11 in other languages. Is this just the result of continuing to practice? Or do those courses have more levels?

November 20, 2014



It's because most of the people that have finished the course tested out through most of it. That's how they managed to finish on the same day of release. Not as many points are received when testing out, also there's usually a lack of practice when that is done.


Some of the other courses did have more added to them later, so I think it is possible. It is always possible to go back and do the extra units if and when they are added and of course if you tested out or went through it all you can always go back and do it again or whichever parts you want to work on. The next thing to do is immersion and a reverse course, but are they available yet for Swedish? If you rush through a course, I wonder if you already knew the language before you started. Otherwise, more practice is always useful. I would not remember if I did not check on each from time to time. In fact if you do not touch the course for a while the units that are golden will fade back and assume that you might not remember and so you can practice those. Especially if you did not have all your hearts when you passed a unit, those will fade faster.


Those guys and girls at level 25 have done immersion, it is hopeless without.

Some of the courses have been expanded over time. No additional lessons were added, but existing lessons were refurbished with new sentences. You'll only know the difference if you remember how courses like Eng -> French have been a year ago.


Ah, interesting. I don't seem to have the "Immersion" tab, is that something that becomes available after completing a course?

(and when I go to: https://www.duolingo.com/translations I just get a blank page)


It does not exist for Swedish (yet).


Normally levels just shows how many excercises you've done. Testing out parts of a course is the exception I guess. You can get to level 25 without having completed a course.

The German course had some changes and added content. The Skills/Lessons went to a incomplete stage and I had to redo them to regain the German trophy.

The Bonus Skills Idioms, Flirting and Christmas that you could purchase with lingots were also added after the course was complete.


I assume that people who have really high levels have done some immersion. Guess you have noticed that the gap between levels gets bigger and bigger, so else you have to strengthen a lot to get there.


Will be in the foreseen future immersion in Swedish?

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