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"Meus pais me deixam nadar no mar."

Translation:My parents let me swim in the sea.

July 4, 2013



question for native speaker : I know that the direct translation for "mar = sea" and "oceano=ocean" --- so when we are talking about specific bodies of water that is what we use (oceano pacifico). However in normal english, we use these terms interchangeably. for instance "want to go to the beach and swim in the ocean/sea" could be used regaurdless of the specific body of water. is this the same in portuguese?


W would hardly ever use "oceano" for beaches, but mar, uness ot shows a great amount of water. "O cruzeiro atravessar√° todo o oceano"


Great. Thanks so much


i don't think i've ever heard "let's go swim in the 'sea'". mid-american vernacular would be "ocean". so, in this case, i think "ocean" should be an acceptable, if not preferred, translation


Why is the translation "... allowed me to ..." declined?

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