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"Deze thermometer geeft de verkeerde temperatuur aan."

Translation:This thermometer indicates the wrong temperature.

November 20, 2014



Don't think we've been taught 'aangeven' yet, but for those who are confused - aangeven = to indicate, to point out; to pass to, to hand to


That's true. If the hints worked properly you would indeed see "indicates" there though. This issue is getting closer to being fixed, fortunately.


Could it also mean "to show"?


If you check the other comments in this discussion, you will see that "show" is already accepted as a translation, yes.


Yeah, missed that, sorry! Thanks!


I think "gives" should be a valid translation. For me "the thermometer gives the wrong temperature" is the most natural sounding English translation.


the thermometer has the wrong temperature is also a natural sounding sentence ;-} I didn't get that one right...


It accepts "the thermometer shows the wrong temperature" which seems a more natural translation.


I also wanted to use "show", but didn't, because it wasn't listed in the hints. For me, it is by far the most natural-sounding translation. Thanks for confirming I could have used it if I'd wanted to.


Can it also be "dit thermometer..."?


No. Thermometer is a common noun - hence deze/die (this/that).


Would the sentence still be correct if one skips the aan? Or would that sound too weird?


I think it would sound strange, since aangeven means indicate, which is not exactly the same as give (geven). Of course, in English we could say 'give' in this context, but I don't think it'd work in Dutch.

Anyway, I'm just a learner, so I'm not entirely sure.


In english THE wrong temperature is not correct. THE can be the correct temperature.


I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment (native English speaker here). THE temperature is fine. "Wrong" or "correct" are just adjectives. So "THE wrong temperature" or "THE correct temperature" are both good English. It would work just the same with a clock. You could say it is showing THE wrong time. Perhaps you are arguing that only ONE temperature can be correct, therefore anything else must be A wrong temperature, but not THE wrong temperature? In that case, I follow your thinking, but that's not the way it works in English. "THE temperature", in this instance, means the one given (shown, whatever) by the thermometer. Which may be either right or wrong. Nothing wrong with the use of the definite article. The only debate is whether a thermometer "reads", "gives", "shows", or something else...

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