"Pojken har en skjorta."

Translation:The boy has a shirt.

November 21, 2014

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My wife is Swedish and she always calls a shirt a "tröja". Never heard "skjorta" in the 10 years I've been with her. Could that be because she's from the West coast?


It seems what you mean by shirt in English depends on where you're from. At least in American English, shirt seems to be anything worn on the upper body, except jackets and underwear. So that will usually be tröja. When we say skjorta and shirt in this course though, we mean something that Americans would probably call a button-up, and if your wife calls that tröja, she is very unusual.


We'd use the word button-up in the course, but we're afraid Non-Americans, especially people who aren't English native speakers at all, might not recognize the word.


I would also call it a dress shirt.


I'm not sure I would know what a "button-up" is and I'm American :-) I think "dress shirt" is a more common term, as Scott (moore,scott24) suggests.


My point is there's no word we could use to make people understand what we mean, so we have to leave it as it is, but people who take a look here can have a chance to understand what en skjorta is.


I've never heard "dress shirt" from my american friends, and would not even know how to imagine one. But I have heard "button-down shirt" a lot...


A button-down shirt in Swedish is, boringly, en button down-skjorta. (can also be written buttondownskjorta or button-down-skjorta, in fact I'm not sure which spelling is best).


How do you pronounce the swedish button-down-skjorta?


Fascinating. I guess I will have to look up the american/english words and see what the difference is. Даже после десяти лет c американцами, Рубашка для меня всё-таки всё-ещё рубашка, oder allerhöchstens ein Hemd ^^


I'm an American and have always used the term dress shirt to distinguish it from a casual shirt. Check a general chain store like Macy's: Dress shirts are the second major category. https://www.macys.com/shop/featured/men-shirts?ss=true


On here, if I remember correctly, it teaches tröja as sweatshirt. Just curious, does your wife use tröja for both shirt and sweatshirt, or does she have a separate word for sweatshirt?


What is the correct pronunciation for shirt? It's kind of hard to hear.


I'm having the same problem. I've been annoying the crap out of my husband by listening 89654356687988 times in a row :P


Forvo.com has loads of Swedish words spoken by natives. Hearing their version might help you. http://www.forvo.com/search/skjorta/


Thank you, you helped a lot with it :)


So 'skj' becomes 'h', phonetically...of course.


I'm hearing the 'skj' here as the English "f" or "ph". Is that incorrect?


It's a sound you don't have in English so obviously it's hard to hear at first. The TTS is actually pretty good here so it sounds right. Read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sj-sound

Your ears will get much better at picking up Swedish sounds with practice. (but there will never be a good way of writing them with English letters, I'm afraid). :)


I cant help thinking 'the boy wears a skirt' lmfao


sounds like huutah


That's the sj-sound. And the r is kind of silent, it's not always pronounced clearly in some parts of Sweden.


How do you pronounce "skjorta"?


I hear a f and h. Like a soft f. Reminds me of f sound in Photo. Sounds like photah


How is "skjorta" pronounced broken down. phaw-ta

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