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Convenient ways to type accents and such?

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DuoLingo has now made it impossible to copy and paste into translation boxes. Presumably this was done to discourage idiots who were getting GoogleTranslate results and copying and pasting them into the boxes. However, there are perfectly legitimate uses of copy and paste in the translation process-- one of which is to copy and paste names-- especially names containing special characters-- in order to be sure that one is not introducing typographical errors in them.

One can't even copy and paste special characters from Character Map.

I realize that one can install a Spanish IME, but that requires familiarizing oneself with the positions of these special characters in layouts, as well as the inconvenience of switching back and forth between EN and ES.

How are other people handling this new curve ball DuoLingo has slung at us? I am seriously considering not doing any more translations until this problem is fixed in some way.

5 years ago