"The boy is sitting on the chair."

Translation:Pojken sitter på stolen.

November 21, 2014

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"Kille" does have quite a different meaning to boy, doesn't it? I am thinking in terms of the implied age too.


You use pojke mostly for small children... up to I don't know, 7 maybe? If you're a teenager or young adult you'd refer to yourself and other males as kille. Then it's 'man' when you're a mature adult. If you'd refer to your friends as pojke it would only be in an ironic way I'd say. Same with women but replace the words with the corresponding flicka/tjej/kvinna.


thanks for the clarification! DL also uses tjej and kille for girlfriend and boyfriend. Is that correct?


Yes, that is correct. I guess kille and tjej sounds a bit more cool than pojkvän and flickvän

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