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"Como eu posso saber a massa deste carro?"

Translation:How can I know the mass of this car?

July 4, 2013



In physics there is a distinction between mass ("massa"?) and weight ("peso"?). In outer space an object still has mass, but not weight (weight is due to the earth´s gravity). Both are measured in kilograms and most people are not aware of the difference (and why should they care). As this is a language course not a science course Duolingo should use ordinary words and avoid issues like this.


Weight is measured in Newton because it's a force.


I am in the science section. This sentence is totally correct in this context.


If you are a physics professor vacationing in Rio, this sentence is critical to your ability to have a good time.


This is a bizarre sentence... native portuguese speakers: would you ever construct a sentence like this?


I wouldn't use !! o.O


Man I thought it meant like a phrase like that car is worth some dough! somewhat but it sounds weird


More like "why do I need to know the mass of this car".


Its far more colloquial in English to use "weight". Although yes, there is a technical difference.


In my Oxford Portuguese-English dictionary the word for weight is given as Peso.

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