"It is my child."

Translation:Det är mitt barn.

November 21, 2014

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Needing a little help distinguishing min/my and mitt/my. I used min here; it was marked wrong with mitt as the accepted word.

Any explanations would be appreciated.



barn is neuter t-word: ett barn (a child) barnet (the child)

Min is used for common gender (en man - min man | en tidning - min tidning)

Mitt is used for neuter gender (ett äpple - mitt äpple | ett barn - mitt barn

further reading in bottom here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Possessives


I tried visiting the mentioned link. But it will just take me to the homepage of the duolingo app. Please help me.


You can only access the link on a browser, it doesnt work on the app


I have a question that I have been struggling with. : Why is "mina" wrong here if "barn" is the same in sigular and plural form? Thank you !


mina means you're talking about multiple children, and the English sentence says it's a single child. Even though the singular and plural forms are the same for the noun, they're not for the pronoun.


Anyone else having trouble pronouncing the R for example in är ? (I'm from a small town in Hessen Germany we pronounce every R like a german Ä haha)


Hi, ich bin aus der Nähe von Hannover (Niedersachsen) und bei mif klappt das eigentlich ganz gut. wenn es nicht funktioniert (grade bei den Sprechaufgaben) dann versuch mal statt dem R ein D zu sagen (oder statt nur R einfach RD) das habe ich am Anfang so gemacht


Is it possible to use Den on the beginning of the sentence?


No, that doesn't work at all.


Thought "den" meant "it" aswell in some places, is it not used here because "barn" is an ett- word? When the noun is an en- word could "den" be used?


Swedish actually has a very strong tendency to default to the neuter det for the general "it" as in e.g. "it is a..." constructions. This tendency is so strong that using den even for en-words is essentially incorrect in such constructions.


Why could we say mina barn in past practises but in this practise we can't say mina barn, we should use "mitt", why??? Can somebody explan?

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