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Need another voice to pronounce a sentence?


Since the TTS system is so bad I'd like to complement it. Do you have any sentences or words you would like me to pronounce? If so, write them here and I will record and upload them to Dropbox (or some other place).

I'm a native speaker with a mix of Småland/Östergötland/Uppsala accent. (Born in the south but currently live in Uppsala) One of the things people notice the most about my accent is my use of 'ä' and 'ö'. Most swedes have two different 'ö's and 'ä's while I only use one of them. Also, I always pronounce 'det' as 'dät' (if emphasized) or 'dä' (otherwise). Never as 'det' or 'de' as most swedes would.

Swedish version for the hardcore learners: Hej!

Eftersom TTS:en är så dålig så vill jag försöka komplettera den. Har ni några meningar eller ord som ni vill att jag ska uttala så skriv det här. Jag kommer då att spela in dem och ladda upp till Dropbox (eller någon annan plats).

The list will be updated when I add more sentences:

(I will also add recordings from other native speakers if they'd like to do their own. People from Skåne, Norrland and Finland would be great)

November 21, 2014



The TTS reminds me of the computer in Portal. I hope the later lessons include threats of deadly Neurotoxin!


Det finns en särskild vegetarisk meny

Det är inte privat, det är personligt

Kaffet är kallt

Min moster har flera döttrar

Hon äter frukost på morgonen

Jag har på mig en tröja under jackan

Kniven är mellan gaffeln och glaset

Sköldpaddan äter långsamt

Har ni en bastu?

PS. You speak very fast :)! A slow version of each phrase would be great.


That's a lot of sentences! I'll see when I can do them, hopefully soon.


No hurry (especially not for me since I am Swedish :))!

I think you have a good accent for teaching Swedish, there is not so much of the old Småland/Östergötland dialect left.


Updated with all of these. I tried to speak more slowly, but it's hard!


Someone should record all the sentences in hardcore skånska


Thank you for this. You have a really nice voice. I'll have to think of some sentences for later.


It seems most of the vocaroo links have expired :(


Oh, really? Then I'll re-record them when I have the chance. Sorry about that.


Maybe there is a way to re-activate them? I don't know how this site works tho.


Can you please add "Vi köper nya racketar till barnen."? Normally I add a link to forvo, but racketar has not been included. It's pronounced "rejs-sketar" by The Voice btw :).


These vocaroo files don't work anymore. I see that Forvo supports phrase pronunciations. Maybe that's a better place to record them all.


I'll try to redo them soon.


It looks like many of these links have "expired"! :(

I might recommend forvo.com, as that's my go to for finding native pronounced words in any language (they do phrases and sentences too).


The audio files seem to be missing or deleted.


Hmm, this was rather helpful. Pronunciation is definitely going to be tough to get without good feedback. I will probably post a thread, or here later, with my own attempts at pronunciation for feedback.

Thanks so much for these though, I'm going to follow this thread. :)


This is greatly nice of you! I know there isn't much of a difference, but could you pronounce the Swedish "Hej" side by side with the English "Hey"


Added to the OP. The biggest difference is the pronunciation of the "y" and "j". There might be a small difference in the "e" as well, because I can feel the difference when I pronounce them.


So none of these seem to work anymore. :(


Can't play the recordings .


"Jag äter smörgåsarna.", "Ta några steg åt vänster.", "Missa inte chansen." Are some sentences (not just from Duolingo) that I've been really confused about for pronunciation :D

Also you might wanna try something like vocaroo, seems like something simpler and easier to record and share audio online.


Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for! Give me a couple of minutes and I'll have the recordings done.


OK, I've uploaded your sentences. The first one I did a couple of with different emphasis. My mic is not very good but I hope it will help still.


Thanks so much! Although I'd suggest, since we're learners, that you repeat them a little slower afterwards. And your mic isn't bad quality but I reaaaally had to press my ear against the speaker to hear it, so you might wanna say it a lot louder. :)


Ah, of course, haha.

Yeah, I'll see what I can do about the sound level.


Svinbra initiativ! :) "Jag känner smärta i mitt hjärta"


Tack! Jag har lagt till din mening.


TV:n är helt ny.
Var är tvålen?
Lakanet är vitt.
Jag använder alltid en kam på morgonen.
Ett pulver - pulvret.



Var får du de här ifrån? De verkar ganska godtyckliga.


Tack! De är långtifrån godtyckliga :)! Samtliga är med i kursen med felaktigt uttal.


Aha! Jag har inte orkat kolla igenom kursen. Bra att någon gör det.


Tack för ett nytt ord - godtycklig :) Kunde du vara så snäll och lägga till "Godtycklig är ett godtyckligt ord". Ps. Du har en bra, tydlig röst!


Min bror studerar i Kina.
Det är inte antingen eller, det är både och.
Han antar att hans vänner är här.
Jag tar på mig skorna.
Kanel är gott.


Vad betyder 'grymt' i detta sammanhang? My dictionary lists only 'cruel'.


It is the word for 'cruel' but can be used in the same way as 'cool' in English. It is a bit stronger though so it carries a bit more weight.

It is common to say something like "Grymt jobbat!" (approx. "Well done!/Nice work!").


Tack så mycket! Grymt jobbat :)


"De har fina kläder" uttalas väldigt märkligt i kursen också! Tack för att lägga till det! Skillnaden mellan "de" och "det" kan du kanske göra tydlig med någon mening?


Could you add one more, please: "Ett kort kan vara kort" (A card can be short).


Added, sorry about the delay!


No problem! Thanks a lot :)


Hej igen Hashmush!

The Voice does not distinguish between "tycka om" (like) and "tycka om" (think of).

The intonation is really poor here, so it would be great if you could add e.g. "Hon tycker om henne" and "Vad tycker du om henne?"


Sure! Men jag är förkyld nu så min röst är inget vidare bra. Jag är förhoppningsvis bättre om några dagar.


Jag förstår :). Krya på dig!


Done! La till en som visar skillnaden mellan att hälsa på och att hälsa på.


Could you pronounce "kanske" please? I don't know why "ske" sounds different to me here than in "handske".


Well, "kanske" means "kan ske" which is "might happen" or something like that. And "sk" + soft vowel means "sje" sound.

I googled "handske" and apparently the origin is an old German word "hanzke" which explains the pronounciation. The TTS is really horrible here :).


They are supposed to sound different. I added it anyway http://vocaroo.com/i/s0jNnAAQp8WJ


Thanks, the duolingo pronunciations seem way out. To clarify, handske is pronounced "hand-ske" and kanske is "kan-hwe"? (you know what I mean by hw). Duolingo sounds like "han-hwe" and "kans-she" (where sh is like in the word kyckling).


Hey, could you pronounce this sentence please? The automated voice seems to do it terribly. Tv:n är helt ny.


All of these have been deleted on my computer. Are they available elsewhere. I feel that I can read and write at my appropriate level but I don't think my speech or listening skills are there yet.

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