Translation:He gave us the signal to begin.

4 years ago



Why "til at begynde" instead of just "at begynde"?

3 years ago


I believe it is because the "til" should be seen as the "to" in "in order to", thus it looks in danish like "he gives us the signal in order to... to begin". In English the "in order to" part is reduced to "to" and the infinitive form is remove which leads to this confusion. To sum up: "til" shows the idea of "in order to". "at" has to be written because it is Danish grammar and it can't be remove.

I'm no native though, that is just what I understood and if has always worked so far :)

2 years ago


As a native Dane, I heard a somewhat sloppy pronunciation from the speaker. with the 'Han ga' versus the correct han gav.

4 years ago
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