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leurs VS. leur

It turned out I can't tell the difference between those two as I was listening to the following sentence and trying to type it: (Il dirige ces animaux vers leur nourriture.) Why is LEURS wrong? The program says I should pay attention to the gender, but I know neither leur nor leurs indicates masculinity or femininity. Ideas???

October 12, 2012


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"leur" is a determiner (possessive adjective) that agrees in number with the noun to which it refers.

Since "nourriture" ("food") is a mass noun (i.e. almost always singular), then you have to write "leur" (singular form).

With a plural, you have to use the plural form.

ex: "Ce sont leurs chaussures". ("These are their shoes").


Pay attention to the number of the thing being possessed. If it's singular, use "leur" and if it's plural, use "leurs". "nourriture" is singular, hence you need to use "leur".


oh right. That point eluded me. Thank you Remy and christian.

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