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  5. "De voorkant."

"De voorkant."

Translation:The front.

November 21, 2014



For a clearer english translation, I believe voorkant also translates as "front side" or "front face".

"kant" in Dutch means "side" in English.


Yes, you are right. If I had to translate ''The front'' to Dutch I'd go with ''Het front'' probably. Whereas ''front side'' is unambiguously ''voorkant'' or ''voorzijde''.


Would this word be applicable in translating phrases like "the western front", as in, a war?


No, I would translate the war type of front as 'het front'. If you look at a comment above you can see another explanation


Since this lesson is on places, in the context of a building does this mean the entrance? Or does it only mean front side in general.


The word 'voorkant' can be used for the front side of anything, whether it's a building, a car, a book, anything.


Can this also mean "facade"?


I don't think so. That would be gevel or façade. I think gevel only refers to facades of buildings, not in the sense of an illusory outward appearance, while façade means both.


I translated it as 'forecourt', the area in front of, and part of a building - marked wrong. If not this, then is there a different Dutch translation of forecourt?


De voorkant just means the front of anything, not just a building. I had never heard of "forecourt"before today, but google and other sites suggest voorplein, voortuin and voorhof as translations. You'd have to ask a native which, if any, of these is an accurate translation, because I could only find the second in a dictionary and it said "front yard."

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