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  5. "Våra barn älskar fåglar."

"Våra barn älskar fåglar."

Translation:Our children love birds.

November 21, 2014



Is barn not for child--singular? Or only plural?

I typed child; it was marked wrong.


"Barn" is the same in indefinite plural and singular.

However, here it's plural. You can tell from the possessive "våra". If it was one child, it'd be "vårt barn älskar fåglar".

Hope this helps.


So barn is singular AND plural indefinite, while barnet is singular definite?


Then what's plural definite (the children)?


ohh, yeah. Thanks XD


How do we tell from the possessive if its the missing word?


The only two options you'll get in that kind of exercise are våra and vår. Since you should know that barn is an ett word, you'll know that vår doesn't work, so you'll have to choose våra :)


Gah!! Thank you so much! This was driving me crazy until I read your answer.


Now it's still going to drive us all crazy, but we'll know that we should know. Vem vet


this doesn't make sense. for me The question was a fill in the blank with either Vår or våra, but sine barn is both plural and singular there would be no way to know which to use. I chose vår and it said it was wrong, but like I said before, how do I know which one to choose if it is not clear whether it is plural or not? In this particular case the possesive pronoun would determine the plurality of the barn, but since the poss. pronoun wasn't given how am I supposed to know?


I had this issue as well.


Me too. How can I definitely know if the plural or the singular is meant in this question if it is the choice between vår and våra?


Because "vår" is never correct for "barn". Singular "barn" is an ett word, "ett barn", so "our child" is "vårt barn", not "vår barn".


Thank you! I got it now!


Thanks, but it didn't even give me a vårt option. Oh well, I guess it was just a slip up


that's the point, it only gave you two options, "vår" and "våra" so you know "våra" is correct since "vår" isn't

[deactivated user]

    If you would like to say"His children love birds" it would be "Hans barn älskar fåglar", right? How then would you differentiate betwee singular and plural child/children? Context?


    I learned Swedish as one of my primary languages, including reading and writing, but I haven't spoken in it since I was 4. I forgot about pretty much everything, but I kept the phonetics. Now I'm relearning, and I have a doubt coming from the difference between what the robot lady says and what my brain's language center wants me to say. The robot lady pronounces the R at the end of älskar very clearly in this sentence, while I tend to mute it almost completely? Am i in the wrong or would this R be almost silent depending on the word that comes after it? I'm from Uppsala, in case it's a regional thing.


    In spoken language, it might indeed be very weak or essentially silent in a lot of cases.


    Wow, that was fast! Thank you! :)


    Well, I have a lot of spare time at work...

    You're welcome. Just ask if there is anything you're wondering about.


    Whats the difference bet vår ,våra and vårt


    They depend on the number and grammatical gender of the object.

    With singulars, you use vår for en-words and vårt for ett-words.

    With plurals, våra is used regardless of grammatical gender.


    This confuses me. I did the same thing. I said child vs. children. Is it just one of those things you have to know? I.e. the difference between vara and vart. Sort of like our there, their and they're?


    Yes, it's important to know and practice the difference between vår, vårt and våra.


    Slightly off topic and showing laziness: what is the difference between sin and hans?


    sin hand -> his own hand / hans hand -> some guy's hand

    [deactivated user]

      Is there a different word for "kids" like in English? Or is Barn the only word?


      Oh, there are plenty. barn corresponds the most to "children", ungar might be closer to "kids", etc. There's lot of overlap and different connotations - just like in English.


      So vår is for singular words and våra is for plural?


      On the website you can see notes at the beginning of each unit that the app doesn't show you. It's explained there. Vår is for singular en words, vårt for singular ett words, and våra for plurals.

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