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"Ele falou pelo telefone comigo ontem."

Translation:He spoke with me on the phone yesterday.

July 4, 2013



talk on the phone == falar pelo telefone?
can you say fone for phone?


We don't use that, at least where I live. We say telefone or celular (cell phone). Yes, for talk on the phone we say "falar pelo telefone". but we say "vou falar no telefone agora" (i'll talk on the phone) once it doesnt imply a conversation was already established.


what about..."ele falou comigo no telefone ontem"?


It works as well. =) Congrats.

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What is difference between "falar ao telefone" and "falar pelo telefone'? Both in Duolingo (in different activities) are translated as "on the phone". Is this correct?


Both options are correct.


Can someone please explain why it's "ele falou pelo telefone" and not "ele falou no telefone?" I don't understand why it's "pelo" and not "no" (em+o) :/


"Pelo" in this sentence has a sense of "through this mean". Ele falou comigo. Como? Pelo telefone. Através do telefone (through)

"Falar no telefone" it's more used when you are talking about the acting of speaking on the phone by itself. But if you say "ele falou comigo no telefone" it's correct as well, and people also say it like this.


Can I say "Ele telefonou-me ontem"?


He spoke to me, not with me. If he's speaking with you the two of you are speaking to a third party.


In a previous DL sentence, comigo came before pelo telefone. Which is right? Or are both right?

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