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  5. "Não existem casas como essa."

"Não existem casas como essa."

Translation:There are no houses like that.

July 4, 2013



Would "assim" be a valid replacement for "como essa" in this case?


Yes. It is. Assim is a very general word. Como essa is a specific expression.

A mulher, reparando no filho da vizinha: - Não quero ter um filho assim! ou Não quero ter um filho como esse! - The woman, noticing the neighbor's son, "I don't want to have a son like that!"


Could someone please comment on this? I'm curious too


Could we also say "Casas como essa não existem" ?


yes, and 'Não há casas como essa', 'Casas como essa não há'.


"There is no house like that" is better than "there are no houses" and should be accepted.

If there is no house like the house we're referring to we don't have to go through the plurality of houses that don't even exist.


They're two quite different meanings as well


'There don't exist any houses like that one' and 'There are no houses like that' are accepted, but 'There don't exist houses like that one' isn't. Shouldn't it be considered correct?


I wrote "No houses exist like that". Was I close?


Don't you see the answer after you hit the button at the bottom to finalize your answer? Everytime i get something wrong, the app shows me the correct answer. Just curious how come so many posting questions on the forums don't have that feature?

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