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Easy Spanish Books?

I am sure someone asked before but I don't see it. Anyway, does anyone know of some good, easy Spanish books?

July 4, 2013


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There's a really good educational series called "Leer en Español" that you might like. They offer short Spanish novels at varying degrees of difficulty and the books come with a CD which has (usually) the author reading the book so you can hear it as well. There are also lots of very good English/Spanish, side-by-side bilingual books. I'm reading one right now called "Historias de Latínoameríca", a fun collection of legends from various Latin American countries. You can find these and others on Amazon, I know, but I'm not sure where else.

You might also try looking for Spanish translations of children's or young adult books like Charlotte's Web, Harry Potter or books in the Goosebumps or Magic Treehouse series, etc., or books closer to whatever you feel your reading level is. There are lots of Spanish editions of English-language books all over the place.


Thanks for this info. I hadn't heard of this series before. I just went to Amazon and ordered one to try them out. :)

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De nada. I hope it's helpful to you.


Brilliant, thank you!


IG88, thank you! Those both sound great. One I found was a fun side by side bilingual children's short story book called The Day it Snowed Tortillas.


The author of that book is Joe Hayes. He's my favorite Spanish author because he has done so many 'beginner' books...they are mostly for children but are easy for beginning Spanish learners and are mostly in bilingual format. I have read a number of his books and am now working on one of his books that isn't from the children's section of the library. It is folktales from many Spanish speaking countries and is also in bilingual format. The Day it Snowed Tortillas was one of the first books in Spanish that I read. :)


I have been trying to find easy German books for ages with not much luck. I think that maybe there aren't any.


Actually, Paulx589 did exactly this a few days ago- it's still in the popular section-



any good free books on nook?

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