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"Han er min onkel og hun er min tante."

Translation:He is my uncle and she is my aunt.

November 21, 2014



Is it me or does it sound like Santa for aunt? I can see that If you say Hans tante because the hans' s blends in....does the word tante have a small s at the front by chance?


I got everything right but did oncle instead of onkle and still got it wrong. Would have thought it could have at least given a typo


I translated this from Danish to English correctly and was marked wrong.


The same question was asked again exactly as before. I translated in the same way and this time was marked correct. What is going on?


I've got everything right but the message appeared that i wrote in English not in Danish.


Does anyone else hear an "l" sound where "hun" is when the phrase is read?


pennen af min tante er på bordet


Does Danish use onkel and tante exclusively for uncle and aunt? Is the Swedish-style farbror/morbror/morster/faster used at all?

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