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[request] List of words with incorrect pronunciation

Hello, my dear students and masters of Swedish.

As everyone is aware, there seems to be a few mispronunciations by the software used for the Swedish course and it would be extremely helpful to have a list with the most common and grave mistakes. While it is possible to ask other people, softwares and websites for the correct pronunciation, checking the speech in every sentence would be extremely counter-productive.

This in mind, I would like to humbly request that a native speaker or one of the course contributors compile a list with these words.

I thank you all for your attention,


November 21, 2014



See the Welcome message from the moderators here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5522374 They have included a bit on TTS mispronunciations. I hope this helps! ^_^


Unfortunately the welcome message only lists a couple of words while according to other forum posts there seems to be many more mispronunciations. Thanks for trying to help (:


If you find any mispronounced words, if you could add them here for other users, that would be great! I'm sure Team Sweden is doing everything they can right now to improve the course. At the moment they are buried in thousands of reports. I'm sure handling pronunciation to the best of their ability is on the to-do list as well. One thing at a time though. :)

Thank you for helping to beta test Swedish!


I don't think I know enough to input on pronunciation, but I'm trying to help whenever I see something wrong in the lessons! I'm sure they are buried in reports and hope they manage to deal with them without much hassle; these guys gave their blood to help people like us learn a new langugage and they deserve the best in everything they do in life!

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