"En meny"

Translation:A menu

November 21, 2014



I keep messing up and type en meny instead of the translation, because I hear the audio and assume its asking me to type what i hear, I think that if I accidentally copy the text it should be like "translate the text instead"


Yeh, I've done the opposite before and translated the text on the ones where it asks me to type what I hear, and it's told me to type the text instead.

Dunno why it doesn't do it for this too.


What's the difference between en and ett? Is one 'one' and the other 'a/an'?


Both mean "one" and "a". In this context "en meny" should mean "one menu" and "a menu"


For some reason it did not accept "a menu" as an answer. Is there something I should know about this for context purposes or something?


how is it "the menu" ?


'the menu' is menyn
Plural is menyer 'menus' and menyerna 'the menus'.


Pronunciation is rather off in my optinion. If I remember correctly the "y" has more of a /yː/ than the english /aɪ/


(native from Gothenburg here, west Sweden) I'd say the Y is a bit over-pronounced here, but the sound is correct. It's a swedish Y. :-)

Edit: I did a pronounciation of it over at Forvo (I didn't like the one already on there, it's probably a native but it sounds dialectal to me). My username there is the same as here, so it's the kaminix pronounciation. http://www.forvo.com/word/meny/


This does not sound like /aɪ/ to me. It actually pronounces this one pretty well.


I'd agree with Hashmush, it's actually quite accurate on this one. Doesn't sound like ai to me either.


Maybe I should listen to it again, It didn't sound right to me the first time at least.


I keep getting confused for en I keep thinking it means a instead of one


It can mean both a(n) and one depending on context. In this case both a menu and one menu should be accepted.


no matter how hard I try I can't pronounce the 'y' properly! it is so frustrating!


Try pronouncing an /i/ (ee) sound, but then round your lips like you're saying /u/ (ooh).


Arnt i saying it right? En men ē?

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