"Era katter dricker vatten."

Translation:Your cats are drinking water.

November 21, 2014

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Am I the only one who always wants to spell 'cat' with a k now?


Nope! I've gotten many typos from being absent-minded like that... It's one of those facepalm moments. I'm starting to think that by the time I become decent at my ability to speak Swedish, my ability to speak English will have just faded away!


As someone who speaks Swedish natively, English fluently and who's studied Dutch and German, this is all too common for me. :l


No, I found myself writing "The cat is eating mat" when I translated.


It also doesn't help my initials are KATT, so not only do I want to spell cat with a K, I also want to spell it with two T's.


I am native dutch, so english is second language. And in dutch it is writen with a k, so kat. With one t, so right in the middle of english and swedish.


kinda confused between er, ert and era


Er is used for en-words, ert is used for ett-words and era is used in the plural.


That is very helpful! Thanks!


but in this sentence there are many cats and just one person (your) not many people (your) AND many cats (katten)?

what do you use if there are many people AND many cats?


No, this is for many people and for many cats. If there were only one person, it would be dina.


tack så mycket


Omg you saved my live (and my hearts xD ), tack så mycket !


What is an en-word and what is an ett-word and what is the different?


Too bad I can give you only one upvote :) thanks!


Dansa med oss Klappa era händer Gör som vi gör Ta nagrå steg at vanster

-first half of chorus of Caramelldansen


I was thinking about that too! :D But you got some of the accents wrong... (sorry I've been listening to that song non-stop as practice for Swedish :P)

Dansa med oss - "Dance with us"
Klappa era händer - "Clap your hands"
Gör som vi gör - "Do as we do"
Ta några steg åt vänster - "Take a few steps to the left"
Lyssna och lär - "Listen and learn"
Missa inte chansen - "Don't miss the chance"
Nu är vi här med - "Now we are here with.."

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    I can't stop listening to that song now. Tack så mycket :|

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    What song is this? I am Swedish and I have never heard of Karamelldansen


    To be completely fair, most just thought the misheard lyrics sounded funny in Japanese (which it does) (can't believe we're discussing this in 2015).


    I can't believe this is still a thing in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ


    Currently having YouTube disabled; what's there? Rickroll?


    In Texas we would say "Y'alls cats drink water" indicating you are speaking to more than one person


    Just for clarification, is era plural for all en and ett nouns? Does that make er the en form, and ert the ett form?


    era sounds almost same as german ihre


    It’s probably related, although “ihr(e)” means “her” or “their”, Swedish “hennes“, “sin” or “deras”. The Swedish “era” is “euer”/“eure” in German.


    Does anyone else think that it might help if 'er/ert/era' had a side note when you roll over it that said something along the lines of 'when referring to multiple people'? It seems like every comment in every discussion that has to do with possessives involves the word 'er' and when you use it.


    They make these elaborated explanations for every lesson on the site, that we smartphone learners are, however, aren't linked to, nor is the site phone-friendly at all... Orrrrr is it just that some don't read it?


    Why isn't it dina kart??


    Would "era katter dricker sina vatten" accurately translate as "your cats drink their water"?


    It would mean they drink their waters so while it wouldn't be grammatically wrong, it would be an odd thing to say – just like in English, we rarely speak about vatten in the plural and normally just use it as a mass noun.


    Why is vatten not translated as "the water"?


    Because "vatten" means "water". The definite is "vattnet". It's a tricky ett-word that happens to end in -en in its indefinite form.


    Thank you, probably sounded like a dumb question but I was confused.


    You're not the first learner to be a little thrown off by the word "vatten". :)


    im having trouble with er, ert, and others, can you please help me with that


    era doesnt make sense what does era mean, and how is it used


    What is the difference "era katter dricker vatten", and "dina katter dricker vatten"?


    Era is used when talking to many persons (ni) and Dina when talking to one person (du).

    Also when talking to a shopkeeper or similar it is common to use plural (ni, era...) since the company they represent is thought of as a group.


    Thank you , answered my question before i asked should have scrolled down first


    why is here "are drinking" wrong?


    Why is era katts for your cats but dina foraldrar for your parents?!?

    [deactivated user]

      shouldn't "Katter" be "Katterna" ??


      How do we know to use ni vs du? in a sentence like this? I don't know if we're talking to one or more people. Is there a trick to it? Or would it just be easier if people were standing in front of me and I were speaking to them? Because on this sentence I picked dina, not era. I keep getting confused and thinking I must be missing something. Please help but be patient I'm new at this :) thank you!

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