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  5. "Er du ved restauranten?"

"Er du ved restauranten?"

Translation:Are you at the restaurant?

November 21, 2014



In one of the other sentences, "ved" translated as near. In this one, my answer of "Are you near the restaurant?" was not accepted. I reported it, but then also wondered, would this be an acceptable translation?


It should be acceptable. "Er du ved restauranten" means that you are either in or near the restaurant. "Er du i restauranten" means that you are inside the restaurant.


But then again, 'in or near' is exactly what 'at' expresses. So when talking about something one can be both near and in, 'at' is better, I guess.


If I replaced "ved" with "på", would the sentence retain the same meaning?


"Ved" means "near", or "beside", or "by", or "close to".

"Pa" means "at".

If you are at the restaurant, you can be in front of the restaurant, behind the restaurant, or inside the restaurant.


"At" because the restaurant is viewed as a place where something is done - somebody is working, dining there etc. If he's sheltering from the rain, or the police, he'd be "in/inside" the restaurant; if he's outside it waiting to be picked up he'd be "by" or "next to" it.


it sounds like restaurangen to me, is that the right pronunciation?


Yes: restaurant is pronounced /ʁεsdo'ʁɑŋ/ -- it's an attempt to come close to the /ʁɛstoʁɑ̃/ of the original French word.

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