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"The children run through the restaurant."

Translation:Barnen springer genom restaurangen.

November 21, 2014



What ill behaved children you have, they're going to wreck something.


what is the difference here between "genom" and "igenom" in answers?


I am not entirely certain of the differences between the two, but I read elsewhere that "genom" primarily plays the role as a preposition. "Igenom" can be used as a preposition as well, however it can also play the role of an adverb.

English examples of "through" used as a preposition and then as an adverb:

"I see through you." [Preposition]

"Your document submission went through." (i.e. Your document was successfully processed, etc.) [Adverb]

As I mentioned above, I am not completely versed in the appropriate uses between the two words, but this might be of some use to you and others -- at least until a native/fluent speaker can correct and/or enhance my response.


"Barnen simmar genom restaurangen." :D :D


That must be a very damp restaurant!


I have "Sköldpaddorna springer genom restaurangen."


just for my curiosity, how do you say "genome" in Swedish?


It's also "genom", but pronounced /jɛ'noːm/, i.e. a long and stressed O.


tack så mycket for the translation and its pronunciation.


Barnet springer på restaurangen not correct? There is a song which has the text Herren gar på ängen, which translates as The Lord warks through the meadow


Translated songs and other forms of art aren't always a very good source of learning. "På ängen" sounds better in Swedish, but that doesn't mean "på" means "through".


I have quite some difficulties with the Swedish pronounciation. In this sentence it the "g" of "genom" pronounced like an "i" (or a German "j")?


If they stand before certain vowels (e,i,y,ö i think, correct me if i'm wrong), g,k,sk & maybe more consonants are pronounced softly. kött -> "chött", genom -> "jenom", but går, kvinna etc. are normal.


the swedish 'G' will usually have its sound as either a Y or a G depending on the vowel that follows it, in this case E


why can i not use barnet? is Barnet singular and barnen plural? why would it be barnen because i thought barn was an ett word?


Yes, barnet is singular. Barnen is an irregular plural.


Barnen is a completely regular plural. All regular -et words that end in a consonant take -en in plural. Barnen. Borden. Benen. Bergen.

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