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"Dein Deutsch ist ausgezeichnet."

Translation:Your German is outstanding.

July 4, 2013



Thanks Duolingo!


blush...stop Duo, this is not Flirt lesson!


how is fantastic wrong here, its a synonym four outstanding is it not? should i report


I would - I agree its meaning is very similar, as is AndesMario's above. Both should be suggested as acceptable.


Fantastic is not necessarily excellent or outstanding and German has other words for fantastic. http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/anglais-allemand/fantastic


please help. ausgezeichnet means outstanding and is an Adjective. But there is the verb:" zeichne aus" which means according to Google "draw from" How is the verb used?


"Ausgezeichnet" does not have anything to to with drawing. Although "zeichnen" means "to draw", "auszeichnen" means "to award", "to accolade", "to signify"* etc. [always positive connotation]. A literal translation of "Dein Deutsch ist ausgezeichnet." would hence be "Your German is accoladed." (Native speaker)

  • "Das Zeichen" means "the sign".


Thank you that makes it clearer.


What about "Your german is superb"? is it wrong?


I wrote the same thing. It should be correct.


That is one of the reasons that I use the dictionary above. Your dictionaries give too many options for each word and not enough examples of the words being used. That makes it hard to tell which words would be commonly used for which words. The examples are what are invaluable. Here is another which explains that there are two possibilities for superb when the meaning is excellent: ausgezeichnet and hervorragend and there are other words for other meanings of superb. That is why it is not the best translation. If something is excellent, than it could be considered superb; but if something is superb, that does not necessarily mean that it is excellent. It is one of the reasons that I look the words up from both directions. http://en.pons.com/translate? Oh, this site requires you to type the word in yourself and press the search button. Check superb. Then check ausgezeichnet.


"Your German is terrific" Is wrong for this?


Toll is terrific and there are other words for that as well. http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/anglais-allemand/terrific


Is there a difference between ausgezeichnet and the other word hervorragend... or something like that?


Seeing as I didn't know what that meant, I'm going to have to disagree..


Would "awesome" not be the same? I know as a native English speaker that amazing, outstanding, fantastic, etc. is often used interchangeably with awesome. I am also familiar with the German word "toll".


"Your German is very good" why is this not a correct translation?


"Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut."


Would English speakers use "Your German is exceptional!" in this context? (it's marked wrong, yet sounds reasonably same to me)


They probably would it is a borderline case it would say. The jist of it is the same however I can also understand that Duolingo does not accept "exceptional" as a translation for "ausgezeichnet".


I tried to understand the conjugation behind the word "ausgezeichnet" and i am a bit confused. Can anyone help?


"Ausgezeichnet" is used here as an adjective referring back to the subject as a predicate adjective. Predicate adjectives are not declined. The adjective would have been declined if it had been in front of the noun. You may be confusing it with the verb "auszeichnen" which is conjugated. http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/allemand-anglais/ausgezeichnet http://www.canoo.net/inflection/ausgezeichnet:A http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/allemand-anglais/auszeichnen http://www.canoo.net/inflection/auszeichnen:V:haben


Mein Deutsch ist schlecht!


I see what you did there duo...

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