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"El este pentru ea sau împotriva ei?"

Traducere:He is for her or against her?

November 21, 2014

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In English we would usually omit the first 'her', writing 'Is he for or against her?' as a question. Using 'her' twice would give extra emphasis.

'He is for or against her' would be a statement meaning he was being inconsistent, supporting her sometimes, and sometimes not.


you are english?


Yes, I am native English. I am learning Romanian and I have visited Romania several times. I can read Romanian reasonably well but my accent and pronunciation is not very good.


Now you native Romanian speakers can help me, please.

Why does 'ea' become 'ei' when 'she' is written the second time? Thank you.


you want to learn romanian??


When "ea" become "ei" -this "ei" is not "they". Is a form of possessive pronoun. Ex: Ea are un câine al EI = she has a dog of her own


he is for she - nu e bine?


Nu, pentru că ”ea” nu este subiect (”she”), ci este complement (”her”).


este corect si???? he is for or against her?/is he for or against her?


Eu cred că este corect: Is he ....

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