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"Mine to ældre brødre er begge senatorer."

Translation:My two older brothers are both senators.

November 21, 2014



..but what should be being taught is folketingsmedlemmer which is the Danish 'equivalent'


What's the difference between begge and både?


"både" (meaning both) is part of the fixed expression "både X og Y"
"begge" means both like in this example
Jeg er både studerende og ingeniør (I am both a student and an engineer)
Vi elsker begge at spiser kartofler (We both love to eat potatoes)


Thanks! I noticed that "både" can be used for more than two objects, like "både min mor, min far og min søster" (or something like that). Do you know if this is correct? In English you would use "both" only for exactly two objects ("both my brother and my sister", but not "both my sister, my aunt, my uncle and my friends"), right?


Yes, it does appear that way (at least according to Den Danske Ordbog (down to "både.. og.."))


As in: "Vandet vil både både både og ænder".


In case anyone is wondering if there was ever anyone who could truthfully utter this sentence about United States senators, the answer is: Yes, Peregrine Foster could have said this between 1800 and 1803. Nobody else at any other time.

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