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My speech input isn't working.

I had been doing DuoLingo on an iPad, but got a brand new iMac. Requests for me to speak words then started. (I had no idea it was even possible.) However when I spoke the word the program would keep saying very loudly, that it couldn't hear me. It was driving me crazy as didn't know what I was doing wrong or the computer had a problem. I tried to stop it. I recall a place, I think on DuoLing, where I could turn the speaker off. I then used help to contact DuoLingo. They gave me some suggestions for which I needed to speak with Apple. In their response, DuoLing didn't mention a way to turn the speaker function off and on for the site. I spent a long time on the phone with Apple Support who couldn't find anything wrong on my computer and was told to take it in for the Genius Bar for an assessment. They could find nothing. Nor is there anyway on my computer to turn off the speaker. It worked great in the store (but not on DuoLingo). DuoLingo has the right to ask me to okay the speaker function with it. However, it never does.

Someone in another discussion mentioned settings. Is there a settings function on DuoLingo? Has anyone else had a speech input problem.

I have emailed DuoLigo twice since my Genius Bar appt., and no one has gotten back to me.

November 21, 2014



It is crazy no one from DuoLingo gave me that link. Why is not listed under help that there is a settings page?


If you place your mouse cursor on your username at the top of page, it will display a drop down list. You will find Settings in this list. Clicking it will get you to the link I provided.

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