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"My skirt"

Translation:Mi falda

5 years ago



I used the microphone and it said translation of my recording as "Mi pollera"? What? It should be "Mi falda".

4 years ago


Same thing here. I said "mi falda" and it said I got it correct with "mi pollera." Turns out "pollera" also means skirt, but that's not what they introduced and not what I said! I think I'll do "report problem."

4 years ago


what is the difference between mi and mio and mia??????? sry about the bad spelling by the way.

2 years ago

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Mi - My (singular nouns)

Mío - Mine (masculine nouns - The horse is mine - El caballo es mío)

Mía - Mine (feminine nouns - The green skirt is mine - La falda verde es mía)

2 years ago


for Cubans, "Mi salla" means my skirt but for the regular Spanish it is "mi falda", and if you put "mi salla", they say it is wrong!!!!!!! The heck bruhhhh

2 years ago


I used mia falda. :(

2 years ago


It said my was "Mi" or "Mis" but when I used Mis it said it was wrong.

1 year ago