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  5. "Drengen elsker at lære."

"Drengen elsker at lære."

Translation:The boy loves to learn.

November 21, 2014



Perhaps he also loves to teach? Or would you use 'at undervise'?


Especially confusing because the sentence just before used 'at lære' for 'to teach', and they both work in this sentence.


In my (non-standard) German dialect, the word is very similar to the Danish "lære" and can mean both "learn" and "teach".


I always catch my Danish friends telling me they want to "learn me" something when they mean to say "teach me" since both verbs are covered by "lære..." so cute :)


The boy loves to study...what is wrong?


What's the difference between "at studere" and "at lære?"


Is it me or is the second R inaudible?


Study should be correct.


A few people commented that study/studere should be accepted. I think learning and studying are very different things. Sure, people learn while they study, but learning is something we do all the time. You learn by going to the museum or watching a youtube video, or having an interesting conversation. The boy in question might love to learn but have hard time studying – I used to be that boy. It's a shame that they get so often equated.

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