"Mannen har gyllene skor."

Translation:The man has golden shoes.

November 21, 2014

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Am I the only Swede old enough to have "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley" flash-backs here?!


Well I certainly feel like I've just learned an important part of swedish culture :P


Same! I just had to go listen to it after i saw the comments. And omg I've never been more grateful that i read the comments section! Thank you to whoever mentioned one of greatest songs here!


ahh.. no the video had been terminated :(


Fear not! There are loads of uploaded copies on Youtube. :)

Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTFec_mrD-c


haha nice! I also found the lyrics in Swedish and English. Love this thanks!

The lyrics: http://www.diggiloo.net/?1984se


Wow. This redefines camp.


Well, it's 34 years old. I'd say it defines camp. :)


Tack so jätte mycket!!!!! Sweden is amazing :-)


Jag älskar din vita byxorna!


Michael Johnson US Olympian (sprinter)


I just read (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Johnson_(sprinter)) that he won his first 200 m and 400 m double at the 1995 World Championships in Göteborg, Sverige. I bet he heard that song there!


That's possible, but honestly doubtful. The song was way out of regular airplay by that point.


Lol, you're not alone! Who would say 'gyllene' if not singing 'Diggi-Loo' ? I would rather say 'guldskor'. 'Gyllene' feels more like jewelry.


No, I did too, and I am not even Swedish! :)


While we're on the topic, how did the line "Jag en sång och en dansman" come to exist? Was there a purpose to leaving out "är"?


No, it is Jag är en …, it's just that är + en often melt together into a long èen, this happens a lot in ordinary speech too.


Lol yes, of course, är is never pronounced as it is written. In Stockholm it sounds like een and in other parts of Sweden maybe more like äen


I have definitely noticed that, since that just feels like a natural consequence of speech flow. But the song, and most lyrics sites, pretty clearly leave it out in that line.


I took the trouble of listening to the song (not a fan) and you're right, there's no är (when I first googled it the lyric site I found actually did have the är). I think they really mean to say I, a song and dance man. This kind of construction works pretty much the same in both languages. You can leave out the är in headlines, when the phrase is an apposition (= appears in a position kind of like a title after the name, like in X, Duke of Y). In writing, you could have an – instead of the verb. There could also be a comma, eg: Du, en sång och dansman??? 'You, a song and dance man???'

So there are certainly cases when är/is will be left out. For Swedish one might even expect to see it left out more often in written texts than in natural spoken language where it would be so easy just to prolong the en. But of course these are song lyrics so there are many things in there that differ from natural language. More than the missing är, I think the extra en sounds bad: en sång och en dansman – the whole expression sounds silly to me, but especially the second en is jarring (to the pedant, it makes the sentence mean: I am 1. a song 2. a dance man). It's also very unnatural to say Det är knappt man sina ögon tror with tror at the end of the sentence.


I thought the exact same thing :P


Golden shoes and pink pants...the man know how to match clothes.


plus a blue suit and a green hat! great taste! :D


And several ties...hey, with his taste, I wouldn't get surprise if he uses all them at the same time.


this guy sounds like a fun person


Mannen med den gyllene pistolen :)


I spoke this comment to my wife and she started singing!


So some adjectives add -e while others add -a with plural nouns?


No, gyllene is the word for "golden" in standard form and it's an irregular that does not change.

Den gyllene skon

En gyllene sko

Två gyllene skor

[deactivated user]

    How to say happy and sad in swedish?


    I thought we have to add "de" before the adjective + plural...


    Only if we talk about ett specific pair of shoes, using the definite form. Here 'gyllene skor' is in the indefinite form, shoes as such,in general, we know the 'colour', nothing else.


    why can't we say "guld skor"?


    You can, if they are made of gold, and then it is written in one word: guldskor. If it is only the colour, we can also (and more common I think) say: guldfärgade skor


    sheeesh fr fr? mannen bussin bussin on g

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