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Anki flash cards: Irish

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Hi guys! (or should I say dia daoibh?)

I have been putting the words I am currently learning in Duolingo into an Anki flash card deck (so far I'm up to "Feel & Trait"), and thought maybe I could share it with you all. It's made of several subdecks, with words arranged by theme or function.


Please let me know if you find mistakes. I'll keep updating it as I progress through the tree.

November 21, 2014



This looks great! Would you mind if I added this to the list of links in the Irish Portal?

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Of course not. Thanks!

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For those of you who are using my Anki card deck: I've finished the Irish tree, so it's done!

I'll improve it with better info on the words in the tags when I have time (verb tenses, noun gender… this kind of things).


Go raibh maith agat, a Crooty.

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