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  5. "Como cozinha o peixe?"

"Como cozinha o peixe?"

Translation:How do you cook the fish?

July 4, 2013



I heard this as "Como cozinho peixe?" as in "How do I cook fish?" because it sounded pretty clear and convincing in the normal voice. I was surprised when I got it wrong, then I played the slow sample and was like….. "Realllyyyy?"


This happened to me too


do you need the se to make it impersonal here?


Yes, but you may hear without se


Can this also be translated "How does he cook fish?" Or in Portuguese do you always need a subject word in the sentence, with the exception of 'voce'?


yes, it would be better to include "ele" then.


is "how does she cook the fish" wrong? it didn't take it


'como você cozinhar o peixe' is translation of 'How do you cook the fish'. or i'm wrong? i mean, in this case, why it isn't correct 'how to cook the fish?


you have to conjugate the verb cozinhar, so "como você cozinha...?" But it can be in a general sense, then we have "como se cozinha o peixe?"


Does this mean "How do you cook fish?" (like in a more general sense) as well? I feel like if you take out the 'o' it would certainly mean that but is that necessary/grammatically correct?


'How is the fish cooked?' is also wrong.


Why is not "Como cozinhas o peixe?" ? For you, Cozinha is in imperative... bit confused on this one


When you have the impersonal "you", you use "se" before the verb and you conjugate it for the 3rd singular person. In this case "como se cozinha peixe?" (Cozinha does not work only for the imperative).

For "you" not impersonal, the best is to include the pronoun: como você cozinha peixe?


So is it correct that "como se cozinha peixe" can also be asked as "como cozinha o peixe"? Where "se" is omitted? Very difficult for me to translate this.


where is the "you"? are there other times this gets left out?


Why it's not "Como cozinho o peixe" ???


Cozinho = i cook. Cozinha= he/she/you(sg) cook. But if it is he or she youd add ele or ela for emphasis. So you would assume you(sg). Its my understanding (and i could be extremely wrong) in general, assume you. By adding vocé, one is emphasizing YOU. For example, if i said "how do you cook fish (como cozinha peixe) it could mean "how do you (in general) cook fish. But if you said " como vocé cozinha peixe" then it means "how do you (and only you) cook fish". Dont quote me. My native language is english. Buts thats how I use it.


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