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Butt kicking?

Anyone taking several languages all at once and is getting their butt whooped like me? I started wanting to learn a Scandinavian language because I want to check out some of the happiest countries in the world next summer, but I also wanted to brush up on some languages I have limited familiarity with. So I started Danish (only Scandinavian language out when I signed up), Spanish and French. But then Swedish was released and I just had to start it. Now I REALLY want to take German too, just because.

But the thing is, these languages are all killing me. Coming from English, French is sooooo hard. And everyone says how similar Danish and Swedish are but that's the hard part (keeping the similar but different vocabulary straight in your head). I know! Learn Danish and Spanish first. That will make it easier for me to do French and Swedish afterwards. And Throw German in last and clean that up. But how can I when there are all these languages just sitting there begging to be learned all at the same time?!?!?

How do you all tackle all of these languages all at the same time?

November 21, 2014



I want to do everything at once, but I've reverted to focusing heavily on German to finish this tree while maintaining some practice with the other three. Once I finish German, I'll pick one of the other three to focus on and pare it down to two. My goal at this point is to do one at a time as quickly as possible instead of doing everything at once.


I've deleted some other languages to help me keep focused on one I want to work on. I'll probably delete Swedish as I'm probably continue with Danish instead since I've got relatively far. It'll be back to German after that I think.


I'd suggest not tackling all of those languages at the same time. The below blogpost recommends two at a time, max.


Another polyglot, Benny Lewis, also strongly urges sticking to one language at a time in his book "Fluent in 3 Months"


Oh wow, thanks for the citation! Parfait. Enjoy a lingot.


When I travel, I speak the languages I know and rely on a phrase book or the kindness of locals to help me through the rest. Finish Danish first, Swedish will be easier after that, and do the same with Spanish/French.

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