"Min faster är en modern kvinna."

Translation:My aunt is a modern woman.

November 21, 2014

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Aunt's got the swagger yo..


Can modern here also mean fashionable?


I tried that, too, because of the other example that said "Rött är modernt i år," which they translated as "Red is fashionable this year." The thing is, people would understand what you mean with rött är modernt, but it is sort of a strange way to say it.


I don't think so. I'd say your aunt is "trendig", and a thing could also be "moderiktig".


I read it wrong the first time around and though it was "My father is a modern woman".


It was "my father is a modern woman" to me at first sight lol


what would i call my aunt who is my dads brothers wife? still faster?


Yeah, "faster" or perhaps "farbrors fru".


Tack så mycket


What Zmrzlina said, or what I often use: min ingifta faster, literally my aunt-in-law.


Then is it possible to use svär- in this case?


Nope, svär- indicates it's not your side of the family, but your spouse's.

No one would ever use it, but if you said "min svärfaster", everyone would (after a bit of confusion) understand it to mean your partner's father's sister or your partner's father's brother's wife.


A different example had me translate fasionable into Swedish as "modern", now going the other way it doesn't accept fashionable. I see others commented it's not the best word for fashionable, but wanted to point out the inconsistency.


Can this not also mean fashionable?


What does this mean? I don't understand it when it's in English. Does it mean she's "with it" or "hip" or some other slang?


It could be, but it's usually a bit more nuanced than that. It's more synonymous with someone who is "contemporary," or "of the times." Like she could be someone who has a career and is up-to-date on technology but is not necessarily regarded as "hip," and doesn't do "cool" stuff.

Think about it like this, in what ways is someone a product of their time, and in what ways do they differ? As a counter example, a lot of trend-setting "hipsters" might not be considered modern because maybe like to use manual/old-timey means of production or self-sustenance, e.g., having chickens in the yard and, I don't know, making their own beer. "Hip," but not "modern." (This is, I realize, a very American version of "hip." Home-brewing might be totally common in other cultures and I wouldn't know. Here it is more likely to be an eccentric hobby.)


Modern är modern


So when do you use moster and when do you use faster?


Faster is used for paternal aunt (your father's sister) and moster is for maternal aunt (your mother's sister).

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