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  5. "Vad är det för fel på dig?"

"Vad är det för fel dig?"

Translation:What is wrong with you?

November 21, 2014



Is this sentence supposed to be supportive or aggressive?


LOL! Yes, mannekaeng is right.

Although, if you want to be supportive, I'd start with a "Är allt OK med dig?" first, and only then, when the person acknowledges all is not OK, dive into this one...


Is there a way that can help to think more intuitively about this phrase? I keep reading "What is it for wrong about you". The 'för' in particular confuses me.


It's vad … för that makes a unit meaning 'what (kind of)'.


Can 'för' be ommitted here?


I know it's wrong, but what would "Vad är fel?" actually mean to a Swedish listener? Something like "What is the nature of wrongness?" Or does it just sound like a jumble of words?


"Vad är fel?" could be used in a context where I have indicated that something is wrong with your text, and you would like to know which bit of it is wrong. Something like "Which bit of this is wrong?" or "Show me what sentence is wrong.".

Or it could be a moral thing: "What is wrong and what is right? = "Vad är fel och vad är rätt?".


Why is på here ? Tack!


The "fault has to lie somewhere": it is "fel någonting" or "fel med någonting".


ah okay, i guess it's just something i'll have to remember :P


Could you leave a couple other example sentences of how 'vad' and 'för' work together like that?


Vad är det för en fågel? - What kind of bird is it?


I definitely didn't understand that. Where is the adjective? The biggest problem in Swedish learning is the necessity of having lots of prepositions in the same sentence. What is the translation for fel?


Fel is the adjective "wrong," so it is the adjective in the sentence. To my understanding, it can also be the noun "error," but I'm not sure about how to use it in that context.


"Jag har gjort ett fel." = I have made a mistake / an error.


I would never have guessed.... Is that a colloquialism?


The situation I thought of: someone does something and almost doews. Me: what is wrong with you?!


The only right question to all the strange sentences in this lection


Is it wrong to say: "Vadför är det fel på dig?"


Could you have just said "Vad ar det for fel" .... without the pa dig? I'm asking because I remember seeing that phrase elsewhere - not on Duolingo .... without the pa dig ..........


I believe that would just mean "what's wrong?" The på dig makes it mean "What's wrong with you", like how you could say "Vad är det för fel på honom" to mean "What's wrong with him?"

Not a native speaker though so take this with a grain of salt.


Sounds horrible :(

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