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  5. "No, lo siento."

"No, lo siento."

Translation:No, I'm sorry.

July 4, 2013

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Does "lo siento" literally mean, "I feel it." for which "I am sorry." is an idiom? Just curious.


It was explained exactly that way to me, by a native Spainish speaker.


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wat do u mean?????????


Can be too shorted version "No, sorry?" I do not see any "another correct answer"


That should be correct; report the answer to Duolingo.


Translayed lo siento to I am sorry. Said that is wrong but gave the exact same answer


You forgot the "No"


You had to speak Spanish, not translate it


The mini foroms down here are the same for is you are doing translation style, hear and type, ect. So they proble had it as a translation sentence while you had it as listening


I took the No, lo siento as to say "I am not sorry." How would that actually be said?


Lo siento. I must have misread your question, originally, missing the "not". I am not sorry should be "Yo no lo siento" which could theoretically be shortened to "No lo siento." I think the comma in "No, lo siento." makes the difference in how you took it. Sorry for the confusion.


I believe that is how you would say it (lo siento), or you could say "perdon."

I don't think that there is a literal translation for "I am sorry." The word "triste" can mean "sorry" but as an adjective, i.e. it was a sorry state of affairs. From what I've learned, there isn't always a literal translation and in Spanish you wouldn't actually say "I'm sorry" but to them "lo siento" has the same meaning. An analogy would be when we get someone's attention, we say "excuse me" while the Spanish say "por favor."

Any native Spanish speakers, please correct me if I am wrong.


The translation more accurate for I am sorry could be "Estoy apenado" but it depends in the country were the Spanish is spoken. The verb "sentir" is used here to apologize. Be sorry (estar apenado, sentir pena, disculparse o excusarse) for s.t. that you have done.


I translated it to mean the same thing. I assumed by adding no pre to lo siento made it negative, hence I translated it to be I am not sorry.


No, Yo no lo siento.. perhaps?


it said lo no siento -_-


I don't get why there is a "no" before "I am sorry" Please help me, thank you!


they could have meant, 'i am not sorry'!!!!!!


Why do you put "lo" instead of "soy"?


What is the difference between "lo" being used as "I am" and "yo soy" - "I am" as well?


lo siento means i am sorry or just sorry? Confused


i accidentally wrote "no I'm sry" and i got it wrong it should say you have a typo but it didn't. should it have said you have a typo


Unfortunately, this isn't teaching texting shortcuts. Unless perhaps they teach us the Spanish version of "lol" later on?


Ooo my... :D :D :D

Have a Lingot for your commenṭ... :D


Yeah the way they decide what is or is not a typo seems more random then anything it makes some sense when you make a new word based off the error (quite instead of quiet has been something ive done) but haveing a single letter missing seems like it would be a commen enough typo to be included as a typo


Now i don't get this is lo siento i am sorry or i feel it


The literal translation is "I feel it", but idioms and phrases don't always translate the same in any language. The Spanish equivalent to the English phrase "I am sorry" is "lo siento".

It's just something you must learn when learning a language.


do "lo" and "yo" mean the same thing?


spanishdict.com says 'lo' is the only neuter article in the Spanish language and doesn't change for number or gender.


google translate says i'm not sorry is the translation


So...lo means "i am" here ??


I wonder what "you are sorry" in spanish is...las siento ?? Just curious


i thought it was no, i dont get it


i have a question: exactly "lo" mean "you" and can be used as a subject in an another situation or it just go with "siento" which mean "sorry TO someone"?


Will Duo accept "No, I feel it"?


Well, it might, because "sentir" is "to feel." But what the colloquialism means is "No, I'm sorry."


A little problem about the space between word aand comma,why bother?


lo siento means i am sorry


i am mad at duolingoo


What the heaven [I know, which word you just imagined in place of the HEAVEN right there, :P But okay... :).... ] is thaṭ.. :D

PERDON, SEINTO and DESCULPE... All three sisters with the same home address (Of course, I meant the same meaning, yeah) are there in the beautiful city called Spanisḥ. B-) B-)

Hope, one day, I will be able to recognize each of these beautiful sisters by deeply knowing her own separate meaning... O:)


Have very poetic roots, you must be!

I hope i can illustrate an insight of small differences in these 3 sisters, - When you interrupt a conversation where one woman has a fly in her clear glass martini; the first thing you would say immediately is "Disculpe hay una mosca en su bebida". its used more commonly with strangers out in public, Disculpe you have a cigarette, Disculpe can I borrow a pen real quick. - Perdon is when you ask someone for forgiveness, after it sinks into your consciousness many times it's expressed after the fact of whatever happened. It is the only one used in a heartfelt sincere prayer. But at the same time its overly used replacing the other two sister, anywhere and for anything you can say perdon or perdoname.
-Lo siento, ex. Your on the phone with your buddy and he tells you his dog died of pneumonia you respond "Lo siento" and maybe elaborate (with adjectives that express quantity of how much you feel for whatever situation that happened. Also ex. You are running to the bank and as soon as you get there they say " Lo siento we just closed". You assist a funeral "lo siento". You have friends over for tea and one requests soy creamer, you would immediately say" lo siento (solo tengo leche) I only have milk". Your telling her lo siento to be polite. You wouldn't say perdon because there is no offense to be considered. Lo siento is to express how you accompany there sorrow or mishappenings.

Hope this paints the picture.


It was very beautiful Introduction by you, of those 3 new LINDA AMIGAS of mine... :) So, by sprinkling my eyesight on your comment above, I been able to find our that PERDON is an Elder sister of all the Three in every point of Life and La Siento is the most Emotional, the one who is Compassionate and Merciful ....

(Die)Barbi, you should get a "Shining Red Hexagonal Pearl" for this lovely commenṭ.. What do you think? :)


It can be no, my bad .


What does "lo" mean? Why not "yo soy siento"?


A little problem about the space between word aand comma,why bother?


Why I am not sorry


I am not happy with you now let me go

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