"The animals drink water."

Translation:Djuren dricker vatten.

November 21, 2014



what doesn't make sense to me is "the animals" shouldn't it be "animals" idk I'm probably wrong about this

November 21, 2014


animals is djur, just the same as animal. It's one of the ones that doesn't change from singular to plural (well, when it's indefinite).

November 26, 2014


DjurEN = THE animals

November 21, 2014


This is a bit confusing. In the tipsnotes says: "Ett-words: if they end in a consonant, they have no plural. Ett hus - Hus"

But then at the bottom it says the plural of hus is "husen"

"Djur" ends in a consonant, so following the rule the plural should stay the same, but the correct is "Djuren". I don't get it... Can someone clarify this?


January 14, 2015


Did you scroll down to read all of the tips and notes, because this is explained at the very end? Neuter nouns "ett hus" is "a house" and "hus" is "houses" while "huset" is "the house" and "husen" is "the houses". You can confuse the neuter definite plurals with the common definite singular if you are not careful. Again, common words that end in -en are singular with "the" in front of them, but neuter nouns use -et for singular with "the" and -en for plural with "the" in front of them.

January 17, 2015


Thank you so much for the explanation! Have a lingot :-D

January 23, 2015


Why dricker and not drycker?

January 19, 2016


drycker is a plural noun meaning 'drinks' as in 'hot and cold drinks' or 'beverages'

January 19, 2016


Djur - animal Djuren - the animal djur - animals? djuren - the animals?

is that right?

June 7, 2016


Right, except for the singular definite (the animal), which is djuret, because it's ett djur.

June 8, 2016


okey thank you very much :)

June 8, 2016


Why "dricker' and not "dricka"?

February 14, 2017


att dricka is the infinitive fom of the verb, dricker is present tense

June 28, 2017
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