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Two Suggestions

Peeking during oral:

I'd like to be able to see the definitions of words in the 'Click record and say:' exercises, because often I won't know exactly what a word means, so when I answer the question I don't know what I'm saying.

Foreign audio to known language writing:

Similar to the 'Listen and type in [language]' exercises, I think it would be useful to have 'Listen and type in English' exercises. It would help develop the ability to understand speech in the foreign language.

July 4, 2013



The problem is, I think, that Duolingo exists to have people translate texts for them, not so we can maximize our listening skills. I think Duo offers 'enough' in the way of listening exercises to keep us around, but their priority is translating text.


Thanks for this feedback!


I think it would be better if Duolingo would make us write the new word right away so we can remember it I'm learning italian here. The common mistake i've made was misspelling the new word. Thanks

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