"Jag dricker."

Translation:I am drinking.

November 21, 2014

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Is "Jag" pronounced 'yah' , 'yahg', or 'jah'? I cant tell because she speaks too fast..


I'm not a native Swedish speaker, but what I've learned over the years is that "jag" is properly pronounced "yahg", but that much of the time (probably most of the time) people shorten it to just "yah". I wonder if pronouncing it fully ("yahg") seems weird or overly formal or overly precise in casual conversation.


Yeah, if you pronounce the -g it’s only for emphasis or so. It’s always dropped otherwise.


When the -g is pronounced, does it sound like the g in the English word "rag" or like in the German word "Tag" (almost like an English k)?


No, it’s like in English ’rag’.


Is it a trilled R?


As I understand it, while the odd dialect does trill the R (the northern extremities, in particular), the sound should be more of a 'flapped' R. Try pronouncing the word 'water' as quickly as possible, and listen to the sound the T makes. (Depending on your accent, but probably) It's not actually a 't' (or 'd') sound, but it is a Swedish R sound. It's the same as the R in the Spanish word 'tres', or the initial consonant in the Japanese ら. To me, the Swedish R sounds like the monomer that makes the trilled R, but I'm not sure of the actual, linguistic accuracy of that.


No, the most common pronounciation is trilled, although when spoken fast it is often reduced to a flap or an approximant. You might be thinking of Norwegian.


Thanks for helping. Tricky pronunciations like these really make learning languages interesting.


If it is like that, it looks like Brazilian Portuguese R amidst the words, like querer, chorar, carinho.


Don't trust this robot woman's nonsensical pronunciation! Totally wrong!


I agree! It could have been so much better. Help people learn, don't make it harder for them.


so... would one pronounce it dreyker?


What a fun language! Now i can be the swedish chef for halloween!


It can also mean to be drinking alcohol, just like in english.

"Jag dricker inte" = (literally) I don't drink = I don't drink alcohol

You never say that if you mean drinking something else than alcohol; instead you specify by naming the beverage (like tea or milk.) If you don't mention what kind of bevarage you're drinking, people will assume it's alcohol you're talking about.


For me sounds like /drigger/ and in forvo sounds like it's written /driCKen/ http://es.forvo.com/word/dricker/#sv, I don't know if it's normal.


Yes, the sound quality isn't great here. Actually it sounds like she has been drinking a bit too much. The sound on Forvo is right.


l drink Jag dricker


Omg I think she prounances lots of words in a really bad way.

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