"Pastan, tack!"

Translation:The pasta, please!

November 21, 2014

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somebody tocha my spagget


wow, nice job swedish team, i got confused for a sec because of 'tack'.


So how to distinguish between please and thanks here? Both seem possible here to me


When its in the form of a demand like this, asking for something then saying tack is used as please instead of thanks. Later then thanks is used.


Maybe it could function as both? I think here they might be telling us that "tack" is appropriate for this situation/context, not "snälla."

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    I like it how in Scandinavian languages tack/takk means both thank you and please :)


    I like it how in the Polish language 'tak' means 'yes' :)


    So if you mixed up Swedish and Polish you can say, "tak tack" and it would mean "yes, please"! :)


    or "tak tack tack" for "yes, please, thank you" xD


    I wrote noodles instead of pasta and it counts as wrong. Is there a difference in English between the two?


    Yes. noodles, or in Swedish, nudlar, is a specific type of pasta. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noodle

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    Interesting, the article you have linked explains it the other way round: noodles is the more general term and pasta is a specific type of Italian noodles.


    Noodles, nudlar have a certain long and thin shape. Other shapes like butterflies, shells, lasagna sheets wouldn't be called noodles but they are pasta

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    Just wondering, what is the plural for pasta? Pastor? (Sounds like some kind of priest in German) Definite Pastorna?


    Sorry. Could somebody clear up why its tack and not snälla. Is it because youre saying please and thanks at the same time??? I just get confused why they both get used depending on the situation. I'm sure as i continue learning it will make more sense.


    Snälla is like kindly, as in "would you kindly do this for me?" And tack is thanks as in "would you do this for me, thanks" but with none of the sass that it might imply in English. It means "thanks" but is used for all intents and purposes as a "please" here. Both can be used, though I think tack is more common.


    I think "snälla" is something that a child would say...it's like you want someone to make you a favour. "Tack" on the other hand stands pretty well as "please".


    Nightskymama: Confuses me too. Look at this example; "Snälla öppna dörren. Tack!" (Please open the door. Thanks/Thank you!)


    Would you ever say "tack dig" or is the you implied/unnecessary?


    No, we don't say that. It doesn't make sense in Swedish.


    I think you can say "Tack ska du ha" (thanks shall you have) in Swedish, if you really want to add the "you".


    i thought please was snälla


    Could this also mean "The pasta, thanks" or is it just "The pasta, please" and if so then how do we not mix them up?


    I thought it was thanks? Are they interchangeable?


    I realise this is an exercise on the definite article... but I can't think of a time when "Pasta please" wouldnt be acceptable.


    Thanks is used also for please, the word is takk, thanks, so should be accepted.

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