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  5. "Han spiser aftensmad."

"Han spiser aftensmad."

Translation:He is eating dinner.

November 21, 2014



Is the phonetic script [ˈafdənsˌmæð] correct for aftensmad? I am asking, because I don't hear that ð-sound…


It is that TH sound, tho I'd say it's more like...a tiny space between your tongue and your upper teeth, without your lower teeth hitting the bottom of your tongue at all. Kind of a buzzing sound too. You kind of have to experiment with some of these sounds till you find it.


Your answer motivated me to search deeper about it, and this teacher seems to disagree with you: apparently, your tongue touches the lower teeth, and not the upper ones (and english speakers tend to use "TH" to represent the soft d on the lack of anything else that sounds like it :D )

I recommend the video: I found the explanation very clear, although Danish's peculiar sounds being challenging to beginners :D

So, thank you for your answer! :)


would i be able to put tea instead of dinner


Is the "mad" postfix here pronounced the same as it is in "morgenmad"?


Yes, although I wouldn't regard it as a post fix, more a compound word (morgen + mad) it is pronounced the same as mad on its own


Awesome, thank you very much!


I cant understand spiser, sometimes eats and sometimes is eating


I keep hearing "mel" for "mad" - is that how it should be?


I really like you can type in supper as well as dinner.


I wrote "eats" instead of "is eating" and it took it as wrong. :/

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